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July-September 2022| Vol 9| Issue 3

Original Article

The effect of the active and passive distraction techniques on the burn children's pain intensity and anxiety during dressing changes

Context: Pain and anxiety due to the dressing change make it hard to care for children with burn injuries. Aims: This study aims to compare the effect of active and passive distraction ...

Original Article

The effects of yoga-based breathing techniques and meditation on outpatients' symptoms of COVID-19 and anxiety scores

Context: Decreasing the outpatients' symptoms of COVID-19 is essential. For relieving symptoms, some complementary approaches are suggested. Aims: This study aimed to evaluate the e...

Original Article

The effect of nurse initiated nutritional counselling with hatha yoga on nutritional status of HIV infected adolescents: Randomized controlled trial

Context: The adolescence is a period of fabulous changes made in growth as physically, emotionally, and socially; because of deprived nutrition, these changes become declined and more complicat...

Original Article

Nurses' experience regarding professional ethics in Iran: A qualitative study

Context: Professional ethics are less understood in the literature and refer to the complex decision-making processes made by nurses as they deliver care. Aims: This study aimed to add ...

Original Article

A qualitative study of COVID-19 home quarantine in public

Context: The infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus has spread all over the world for the first time. A key factor in containing infectious diseases is compliance with health recomm...

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